Brian Kayongo is a serial entrepreneur, visionary leader and a first-class instructor with several businesses to his name.

A strategic thinker with a passion for excellence and exceptional leadership qualities, Brian believes in attaining financial freedom through skill acquisition, training and networking – this he practices to great effect by running several online and offline tutorials on how to create financial freedom, leveraging his skills, experience, and expertise to impact others.Brian began his journey into entrepreneurship a little over ten years ago in his little hometown in Uganda.

Motivated by his mom, Brian invested his savings into a local business by empowering small business owners via opening kiosk for paratas and beans delicacies. With sacrifice and dedication, Brian was able to multiply the kiosk from 1 to 13, earning over $600 every month.Presently, Brian runs his company, Concept Enterprise dedicated to teaching young people, and aspiring entrepreneurs concepts and strategies on how to achieve financial freedom.Brian’s mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs turn their concepts into businesses that produce positive cashflow. You can follow him on all social media handle with @Brian Kayongo on facebook, Instagram & Youtube.